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Sikh Motorcycle Club proudly announce

The Cross Canada Ride from July 2nd to 17th We will be riding a total of 12,000 kms to raise funds for Cancer Awareness.

There will be approximately 12 motorcycles going on the ride but approximately 24 individuals as riders will switch on different parts of the ride.
The Sikh Motorcycle Club BC will partner with the Canadian Cancer Society to raise awareness and funds for the Fight Against cancer and all donations received will go to the Canadian Cancer Society to fund Research, Health Promotion and Cancer prevention initiatives, and Support Programs to assist those fighting cancer. Sikh Motorcycle Club members will be making quick stops in Surrey, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, and will be riding the toatl of 12,000 kms.

To donate online, please visit: www.cancer.ca/sikhmotorcycleclub

For more information Please call 778-688-SIKH(7454)

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